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Around The Barn Radio Show aired on local Santa Clarita's home town station, KHTS 1220 AM, Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (PST) from 2010-2013 and was nominated three times by the Western Music Association for DJ/Radio Program of The Year. Below are descriptions and podcast links from the 2013 programs -choose the show and click the sound band to begin.

The show's host, Nancy Pitchford Zhe is a horse therapy expert,
and is joined by co-hosts Julie Fox Pomilia, granddaughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and Bobbi Jean Bell, of OutWest. Engineer Mike Dowler's enthusiastic playful banter keeps us all engaged and the show running smoothly!
The "Around the Barn" team thanks our sponsors Fox Feed and OutWest for their years of sponsorship and support.

Click any links below to meet local equestrians, musicians, artists, poets, storytellers, Westerners, and those passionate about serving those with special needs.


2013 Around the Barn Team Nominated!
Western Music Association Nominated Us!
2013 "Around The Barn" 8/8/2013 nominated for third year in a row!
2012 "Around the Barn" was nominated for a second year in a row!
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"Around the Barn" was nominated by the Western Music Association for 2012 DJ/Radio Program of the Year!

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"Around the Barn" was nominated by the Western Music Association for 2011 DJ/Radio Program of the Year!

Photo: L-R Bobbi Jean Bell, Nancy Pitchford Zhe, Julie Fox Pomilia
Taken at the Buckaroo Book Shop, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, April 21, 2013

                                                                                                     2013 PODCASTS

December 28, 2013 It's All About Western Music Association 2013 Crescendo Award Winner Mikki Daniel!

Mikki is a true cowgirl at only sixteen.  She has lived all her life on a small ranch in Texas.  Roy Rogers is one of her heroes and she even has a Palmino Horse named Trigger!  Natural singer, song writer, and musician.  Janet McBride, the “Yodeling Queen,” guided Miss Mikki into the fascinating world of the American cowboy-style yodeling.  Mikki has been a member of the Western Music Association since she was 12 years old and has won Youth Harmony Award, Marilyn Tuttle “Best of the Best” Harmony Award, Youth Yodeler Champion Award and Janet McBride “Best of the Best” Yodeler Award.  In her spare time she trains horses.  A true cowgirl of today’s generation.
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December 21, 2013 It's All About Marvin O'Dell, The Red Hot  Rhythm Rustlers, and Christmas Music Cowboy Style

Call-in guest Marvin O'Dell calls in to share exciting news about The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers new CD, "Too Hot To Handle," the story behind the formation of this entertaining group, and the stories behind the songs, "Don Edwards for President," "Cow Cow Bogie," "That's Why I Love Arizona" and "The TV Cowboys." Next we enjoy some of our favorite Christmas music by Riders In The Sky, R.W. Hampton and Mary Kaye, and Joni Harms. Tune in! Unable to listen directly from the podcast link? Open your favorite media player, chose File and URL stream, Copy and paste this MP3 file

December 14. 2013 It's All About GENE AUTRY! Christmas Music, TV Shows, and Movies

What a fun time we have in the studio with guests Henry C. Parke and Karla Buhlman! Our topic is GENE AUTRY – his Christmas music, his film and TV career and more! Henry C. Parke is the author of a terrific blog, Henry’s Western Round-up. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he’s been a screenwriter as long as he can remember. Frustrated at always finding out about western events and film festivals just when they ended, about four years ago Henry created the website HENRY’S WESTERN ROUND-UP to be a central source for what’s happening in western film and TV production, and matters of related interest. Today the Round-up is regularly read in at least 96 countries. A fan of good westerns, big and small, American and European, he’s become a particular champion of high quality, low-budget westerns, and has been embraced by that community- he’s been a guest on about a dozen western sets, and even did extra work on one.

Karla Buhlman is the President of Gene Autry Enterprises, and has been with the company for over two decades. Having worked with Gene for years, and having helped steer his company successfully since his passing, she has a unique perspective on Gene the businessman and his approach to the fields of radio, television, film making, recording, and performing live.Gene Autry was, not only a great entertainer, but a phenomenal businessman, who spotted trends and predicted changes in the entertainment business years before others did. He built an empire of not only movies and TV shows, but of radio and TV stations and baseball. (this intro is from an earlier interview Henry conducted with Karla. Read the whole interview here.) Today, she continues to create new products from Gene Autry’s recording and performing career including CDs and DVDs.

Tune into the Podcast for lively conversation and great Christmas music! Hear the stories behind the songs. Enjoy an entertaining and enlightening dialogue between Henry and Karla about Gene’s TV shows including the brand new, just released, 15 DVD set of the Gene Autry TV Show, all 5 seasons, 91 episodes, 47 hours of great TV. Find it here. Read Henry’s review of this boxed set in his newest blog, 12/15/2013 here!
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December 7, 2013 It's All About the Music of ROYAL WADE KIMES
Royal Wade Kimes joins us in the studio calling in from icy, cold Nashville, TN. We enjoy an hour of conversation and music from 2 of his many recordings, his Christmas CD “Snow” and his newest CD “A Proud Land.” Royal Wade’s original songs tell the story of the West, the Civil War, cowboys, outlaws, lawmen, family, faith and horses. Articulate, authentic and sincere, he shares from his heart. Considered by many in the entertainment world today as a prolific writer, both in song and novel platforms, as well as a top performer with a voice reminiscent of the crooners of yesterday Royal Wade shares what inspires him and gives some wise guidance to songwriters. Before becoming a recording artist and author of western novels he was the highest paid staff writer on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. Tune in to find out the back story of "A Proud Land" and one of its most moving songs, "Dixie Burns."
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November 30, 2013 It's All About The Dark Angel and author JIM CHRISTINA
Jim Christina is the author of exciting, page turning, engaging novels set in the West. He has been a frequent guest on Around The Barn and we always look forward to hearing about his latest title. Dark Angel, released earlier this year, is his newest.Tune into the podcast to hear: about Jim’s series of Western novels built on 2 main characters, Jeff Stryker and The  Hunter. He shares the back story to his new book including what inspired him to  write about a “dark entity” and who is "the Deacon?" Why are his novels set in Arizona? And...what else is he working on? We feature new music by Barry Ward and the Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers.
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November 23, 2013 It's All About the Exciting Life of Stuntman and Actor ROY CLARK -  Podcast link is not available.

November 16, 2013 It's All About the Music of KRISTYN HARRIS
Returning guest, Kristyn Harris, calls in from Texas. We chat about her new CD, Let Me Ride, named Western Music Association 2013 Cowboy Swing Album of The Year, and the year of amazing experiences since she won the Crescendo Award in 2012. She shares the back story to many of the songs on the CD, including her original compositions, and the great love she has for her mustang, Velvet. Tune in and fall in love with this multi-talented, enthusiastic, and thoroughly delightful Texan! She charmed audiences at the 2013 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and she'll charm you too!

November 9, 2013 It's All About the Music of New Mexican Award Winning Singer/Songwriter and Entertainer SYD MASTERS
Syd Masters calls in from New Mexico, a first time guest, we catch up with this multi-talented, award winning singer/songwriter/performer/entertainer. Syd Masters is a singer and songwriter of western music. He is the author and recording artist of the Official State Cowboy Song of New Mexico, making him the only person in the United States to hold such an honor. The Western Music Association, Academy of Western Artists and The New Mexico Music Industry have combined to nominate him for over than 60 awards over the past decade. “Vocalist of the Year,” “Country Song of the Year,” “Best Album,” Best Band,” “Most Humorous Song,” and “Best Song” are some of the categories in which he was victorious. Join us for a fun hour of great music, including "Frying Bacon in the Nude," the award winning "Under New Mexico Skies," and the title track of his newest CD, "Always A Cowboy in My Dreams."
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November 2, 2013 It's All About the Music of ELI BARSI and "Images of America: Canyon Country" by author MARTHA MICHAEL
We chat about Eli’s newest CD project, “Portrait of a Cowgirl” featuring all original music. Beginning with the first track, “Farm Girl,” the songs follow her life from “pickin’ up rocks on my daddy’s farm,” to her first trip to Nashville so wonderfully shared in “Hitch Your Wagon to A Star.” She covers the heart ache and joy of loving the rodeo life and those that choose that path, touches on the birth of the Calgary Stampede, and celebrates her love of great toe tappin’ music with “Country Music Was Made for Saturday Night.” Along the way you”ll enjoy her soaring vocals, a yodel here and there, and by the last track you’ve seen her life through her very own special “Window of the West.” She shares the background story to “Prairie Skies.” Although Eli is only on live with us for the first half of the hour, we continue to play music of the album throughout the show.

Author and Editor of several local publications including  “Canyon Country Magazine,” Martha Michael, joins us for the second half of the show. A resident of the Santa Clarita Valley for 16 years, she tells the story of Canyon Country’s history, which spans approximately 1,500 years, using safeguarded photographs from the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society, dozens of other sources, and her own personal collection.  Published by Arcadia Press as part of their Images of America series, “Canyon Country” features our community’s story through fascinating photographs and engaging text.

Tune in to hear how Martha Michael got started on this ambitious project and what she learned along the way. Discover, as we did, the fascinating story of our town and its inhabitants. What’s the story behind some of our most cherished businesses on Sierra Highway - like Fox Feed? What was the original business in the building that became Le Chene, the wonderful restaurant we know today? What significant event happened at Lang Station? There’s a well known story of gold found in Placerita Canyon – what about the Red Rover Mine? Before it was known as “Canyon Country” what was it called? Martha shares, with great enthusiasm and passion, the back story to the book and the gathering of information – much of it from live interviews with long-time residents. She shares some “AHA Moments” too! Unable to play directly from the website? Open your favorite player, like iTunes, click file, click open URL stream and paste this MP3 file:

October 26, 2013 It's All About the Music of Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Entertainer AND Horsewoman, JUNI FISHER
Juni Fisher calls in from Northern California. A returning guest, we catch up with this multi-talented, award winning singer/songwriter/performer/entertainer. Juni travels the country performing on small stages and large festival arenas. With family roots in California, she travels out our way a few times a year. She recently performed a benefit concert for the Riata Ranch. We talk about her relationship with her newest horse, Silk, and her newest CD, “Listen…To The Horse.” Tune in for this entertaining and enlightening hour with Juni, one of the top entertainers and songwriters in today’s West. She enthusiastically shares her passion for horses, music, and stories of the west and its people with great joy.
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October 19, 2013 It's All About The Life and Music of Real Cowboy, TOM ANGLE
Tom Angle calls in from Jordan Valley, Oregon to share his story and music from his April 2013 CD release, “Tough Times.” Born in Indiana but with a strong yearning for the West, Tom read every Will James, Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey book he could and dreamed of a life out west. Upon graduating from high school he hit the rodeo circuit riding saddle broncs and bulls. If the work involved horses, cattle, or mules Tom has probably done it – from working mules at the Grand Canyon to starting colts to working the wagon on big cattle outfits. Along the way, he added poetry and songwriting, guitar playing, custom saddle making (and guitar straps) and fine art to his list of talents and accomplishments.

“Tough Times” is the result of a lifetime of riding for cow outfits, hunting camps, dude ranches and pack outfits. Over the years Tom managed to scribble down a few songs and poems he mostly performed these for "my own amusement and other folks’ amazement". After his daughter married Keith Niehenke, a professional musician and soon to be producer, it became possible to create this album.
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October 12, 2013 It's All About the Music and Poetry of ALMEDA BRADSHAW!
Almeda Bradshaw is one of Montana’s talented Western singer/songwriter/poets. Her love and appreciation for the cowboy life show clearly in heartfelt original and traditional songs and poems of the West. Born and raised a town girl, Almeda married a former Marlboro Man, Merritt Bradshaw, and now lives her Western dream in Huntley, Montana where they train AQHA performance horses and host Western Music concerts at their M2B Ranch Bed & Breakfast.  Almeda has performed at Western gatherings throughout Montana and beyond since 1997 where her sincere style relates the romance and reality of cowboy life.

Almeda calls in from Huntley, Montana and shares her story of growing up on the Oregon coast (where she sported red cowboy boots instead of sandals),has a life long passion for horses, and enjoys sharing her love for the Western life and landscape through her original poetry and songs. A talented multi-instrumentalist she plays many string instruments and piano as well as the penny whistle – and we learn – the Native flute.
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October 5, 2013 It's All About HARMS WAY with Guest JONI HARMS!
We spend a delightful hour with singer/songwriter performer JONI HARMS who calls in from her home in Canby, Oregon. No stranger to the Santa Clarita Valley, Joni has been a headliner at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival as well the OutWest Concert Series. We chat about her roots in Western and Country music, her love of the West and how it inspires her, and the stories behind her 2012 CD release, HARMS WAY, dedicated to her parents John and Anna Harms. Joni's original songs are about what is important to her - faith, family, the land, and the West - all written and performed with joy and love. Joni's songs are heartfelt, authentic, toe-tapping, and about life - life on the ranch, in the saddle and with the ones we love. Take a listen!
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September 28, 2013 It's All About R.W. HAMPTON and his New Single, "My Country's Not For Sale"
Western Music Association nominee for 2013 Male Performer of The Year, R. W. Hampton joins us by phone from the Kansas Championship Ranch Rodeo where he is performing. R.W. is a returning guest on the show and we catch up with his latest news. His new single, "My Country's Not For Sale" entered iTunes at #5 on the New Country Music chart. He shares the back story to "Short Grass" from his "Austin to Boston" CD. He shares how the events of 9/11 impacted his life and songwriting. He shares the back story to this new powerful patriotic song, and its a riveting story. This song is a "call to action, and to return to the faith of our fathers."  R.W. premieres a new single "Angel!" Tune in for the whole scoop!
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It’s All About TERRY BROWN, and his new CD, “It’s A Cowboy Thang”
Western Music Association 2013 Nominee for Western Album of The Year

Returning guests, Terry Brown and his wife Hilda, call in from their hometown of Los Banos, CA to share the exciting news of Terry’s latest CD release, It’s A Cowboy Thang” Released in 2012, it is one of the five finalists for the Western Music Association’s coveted 2013 Western Album of The Year award. “Ride Cowboy Ride” is moving fast on the New Music Weekly charts, currently sitting at #32 and is #24 on the Top 30 Indie Chart.
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Sept 14, 2013 - It's All About Award Winning Cowgirl Poet Susie Knight
Colorado based rancher, cowgirl, professional clown, singer/songwriter and poet

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