CD Eli Barsi: A Portrait of a Cowgirl SCVTV Concert Series

CD Eli Barsi: A Portrait of a Cowgirl SCVTV Concert Series

Portrait of a Cowgirl
Eli Barsi
2013 Red Truck International Records

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with Eli Barsi

September 22, 2016
Repertory East Playhouse
Seat Reservation -661.347.9700

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening With Crossing Borders
Canadian Cowgirl Eli Barsi and Colorado Cowboy Barry Ward

January 2, 2014
Repertory East Playhouse
Click here for Concert Link

From our Purveyor of Music and Poetry:
This latest CD of Eli's is brimming with great new songs! We've come to know that all Eli's CDs are first rate and stand up to the test of time. I particularly like Hitch Your Wagon To A Star and Portrait of a those are my favs...tomorrow it'll probably be Big Hat No Cattle and Window of the West!

Meet and Learn more about  Eli Barsi


1.  Farm Girl  4:00
2.  He'll Be Back Again  3:48
3.  Hitch Your Wagon To A Star  3:36
4.  Portrait Of A Cowgirl  3:44
5.  Prairie Skies  2:44
6.  A Real Partner (with Brett Kissel)  2:44
7.  God Only Knows  2:59
8.  Wild Flowers Are For Me  3:29
9.  Big Hat No Cattle  3:39
10.  I See You Everywhere  3:34
11. Country Music Was Made For Saturday Night  3:08
12.  Window of the West  3:46

Live Radio Interview Podcasts
Around The Barn
November 2, 2013
KHTS 1220 AM
Click here for Podcast

If you are unable to access the podcast directly, open your favorite media player like iTunes, choose File - Open URL Stream - and paste in this MP3 File:

June 4, 2011 Around The Barn, KHTS 1220 AM 
Guests: Eli Barsi and Sourdough Slim

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