CD Susie Knight: Leather Wings, Around The Barn Radio Guest

CD Susie Knight: Leather Wings, Around The Barn Radio Guest

Leather Wings
Susie Knight
Produced by Duke Davis

Around The Barn Radio Show Guest
Recorded Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013
KHTS 1220 AM
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Congratulations to Susie Knight! Named Western Music Association 2014 Female Poet of The Year!
"Western Wordsmith" was named by the Western Music Association 2012 Poetry CD of The Year!

From Our Purveyor of Music:
I'm excited Susie Knight will be our guest on Around The Barn, Sat, Sept. 14, 2013. This cowgirl is a live wire and she'll entertain us for sure! Susie is passionate about all things Western -Rodeo, Cowboy, and Horses - to name a few. Her smile and twinkle in her eyes lets you know you've got her attention - and she's got yours. Something electric happens when she walks into a room - there's a crackle and sparkle in the atmosphere and you know something special is about to happen. I've met Susie at the Western Music Association Conference - and I've watched her in seminars - she's a headliner and a major talent yet there she is, front row, taking notes, asking great questions, and with full attention. When she speaks to you it appears you are it - nothing else has her attention. Howdy and hugs all around, wants to know what you're doing, how you're doing...and she means it! Some would say, "Heck, that's the cowboy way." I say, "That's the Susie Knight Way!"

My favorites from her new CD, "Leather Wings," are "Rodeo Chasin' Girl,' "Memories of Doris,' and "Sayin' Goodbye." Those are my favs this week...who knows about next week! Great music, poetry, and storytelling stand the test of repetition and time.

Catch her live on the show - or listen to the podcast - don't miss time with Susie!


1.Rodeo Chasin' Girl  3:38
2. Memories of Doris 5:44
3. Mountain Soliloquy  3:51
4. The Root Bear 3:35
5. Fallen In Love 4:04
6. Here to Remember 4:42
7. Sayin' Goodbye 3:38
8. Croppie  2:38
9. One Wish 4:18
10. Wait Here 3:57
11. The Spirit of Buffalo Bill 8:00
12. Ernie Snare 3:36
13. Rodeer  2:59

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