A A CD The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers: Too Hot To Handle 2013 Around The Barn Guest 2014 SCVTV Concert

A A CD The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers: Too Hot To Handle 2013 Around The Barn Guest 2014 SCVTV Concert

Too Hot To Handle
The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
Marvin O'Dell, Audrey McLaughlin, Dawn Pett, Gale Rogers, Tom Boyer
Produced by Marvin O'Dell
2014 Musikode Records

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening With The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers

Click there to enjoy a LIVE performance of this entertaining group!
Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tune into the podcast of  "Around the Barn" recorded on 1/21/2012 for live interview with Marvin O'Dell.

Congratulations on these Western Music Association Awards!
2014 Instrumentalist of The Year - Tom Boyer
2014 Western Swing Album of The Year - Too Hot To Handle

2012 Traditional Duo/Group of The Year
2012 DJ/Radio Program of The Year - Marvin O'Dell - Around The Campfire

2009 Songwriter of The Year - Marvin O'Dell
2009 Song of The Year - Marvin O'Dell, Jesus and Roy
2009 President's Award - The Silver Screen Project

Too too good! This CD is the second release by The Hot Red Rhythm Rustlers and a must have for any music library! An entertaining mixture of original songs by WMA 2009 Songwriter of The Year, Marvin O'Dell, and two co-written with terrific contemporary songwriters Jim Jones and Les Buffham, there's something for everyone on this CD. Roll up the rug and swing to the title track, "Don Edwards for President" or "That's Why I Love Arizona," "Never Ride A Train", "My Window Faces The South", or "Cow Cow Boogie". Revisit those days of yesteryear with one of Marvin's specialities - the silver screen cowboy in "The TV Cowboys." Tight harmonies with voices full of joy are provided by the extremely talented  trio of Audrey McLaughlin, Dawn Pett, Gale Rogers. The sound of this group is not complete without the magic of rhythm guitarist Audrey McLaughlin with lead guitarist Tom Boyer. What's not to like??


1. Don Edwards for President  - Marvin O'Dell  - 3:35
2. This Godforsaken Town  - Marvin O'Dell  3:02
3. Keep A Candle in the Window - Marvin O'Dell - 4:01
4.  Shoulda Grabbed Her a Cowboy - Marvin O'Dell - 3:53
5. Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie - Carson Robison-Frank Luther - 3:52
6. Lone Pine - Tom Boyer - guitar solo - 2:54
7. Never Ride A Train - Marvin O'Dell - Charlie McCoy on harmonica - 3:21
8. Cow Cow Bogie - Benny Carter - 3:14
9. My Window Faces the South - Jerry Livingston-Abner Silver-Mitchell Parish - 2:56
10. The TV Cowboys -Marvin O'Dell- 2:45
11. That's Why I Love Arizona - Marvin O'Dell - 2:45
12. There's a Grave Out Back - Marvin O'Dell - 3:54
13. Punchin' Cows, Sittin' Posts, Stretchin' Wire - Les Buffham-Marvin O'Dell - 3:08
14. Desperado - Don Henley-Glenn Frey - 2:40 - guitar solo

Around The Barn Radio Show
Live Interview
December 21, 2013
KHTS 1220 AM
Click here for podcast link

Unable to listen directly from the podcast link? Open your favorite media player, chose File and URL stream, Copy and paste this MP3 file http://khtspodcasts.com/barn-dec21-2013.mp3

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