BKFCT Jim Christina: A The Dark Angel, Radio Host, Special Order

BKFCT Jim Christina: A The Dark Angel, Radio Host, Special Order

The Dark Angel
Foreword by Bobbi Jean Bell
Jim Christina
2013 Black Dog Publishing
Softcover. 277 pg.

Meet Author Jim Christina
Founder and Host of:

The Writer's Block Radio Show
Thursday, July 9, 2015 LA Talk Radio
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From Our Purveyor of Books:
Friend and author at many of OutWest's Rendezvous With A Writer events, The Dark Angel, is a real page turner! He asked me to to read his manuscript and write the foreword!  Here it is:
The Dark Angel
Foreword by Bobbi Jean Bell

The righteous are headed toward life,
but those who pursue evil, toward death.
---Proverbs 11:19 Common English Bible

When longtime friend, fiction author Jim Christina, first told me about his work-in-progress, The Dark Angel, I was intrigued. Over the years I have read Jim’s books with enthusiasm and delight, usually with a cup of coffee at hand, a comfortable chair, and a favorite Western music CD providing the soundtrack.  Through the years I have enjoyed the adventures of The Hunter and Jeff Stryker set in the landscape of Arizona and other parts West that Jim knows so well. His characters are always well formed, and growing, their challenges not always the usual, and the outcome not always the expected. In other words – traveling through Arizona in the 1880’s with Jim’s characters is a journey frought with challenges, obstacles, and sometimes heartache – but mostly it’s an adventure with a surprise around every corner!

A phone call from Jim is always unexpected, entertaining, and thought provoking. It was an honor to hear about Contraband Cowboys when it was still in the planning process. And, since he knew I have a keen interest in the swirling events of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, it was another unexpected delight to hear his plans for what became, Bugles in the Sun. A frequent guest on the weekly radio show I co-host, “Around the Barn” on KHTS 1220 AM, Jim has shared his latest titles with our listeners and its always a fast paced and interesting hour!

This brings us full circle to The Dark Angel. I’ve read it. Not with a cup of coffee but with a glass of wine. Not with a favorite Western music CD but with the soundtrack of Carmina Burana and  a touch of Ennio Morricone for relief. Not in the comfortable chair, but in my favorite rocker – with the stiff back and rockers so I can let off steam. This is a page turner – part  mystery, part morality play,  part adventure, and part “buddy” story. It’s riveting, it’s wild and it’s a Western. Draw the blinds. Put the kids to bed. Turn off the distractions of your world and ride into Arizona with Jeff Styker and The Hunter. They are tracking Deacon Rev. T. Joshua Spellman and you are riding along. Saddle up and enjoy the journey!

From the Book Cover:
Shunned by the Southern Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama for killing a man, the Deacon escapes and finds his way to the Arizona/New Mexico Border where he has assembled a rough, capable gang of rustlers making their way up and down the borders. Assisted by one of the ranchers andhis son, the Deacon has been wildly successful until The Hunter and Jeff Stryker are hired to hunt the Deacon down and bring him to justice.

But the Deacon is not one to go easily and has a few tricks of his own, starting with and ending in murder.
Join in the hunt as the stakes get high and emotions run higher in this action packed story.

Around The Barn
Live Radio Interview
Recorded Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013
KHTS 1220 AM
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Click on the small inset photos to enlarge. Jim Christina and his wife Gerry delivered copies of his book to OutWest's Bobbi Jean and Jim on National Day of the Cowboy, July 27, 2013.

Meet Author Jim Christina. Click the link for more photos, links to radio podcasts and more!

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