BKET Kathryn Segura: Hollywood Barks! SIGNED

BKET Kathryn Segura: Hollywood Barks! SIGNED

Hollywood Barks!
The Tails Behind Famous Dogs, Their Co-Stars,
And Their Companions

Kathryn Segura
Happy Tails Books, 2010

Signed by the Author

From the Publisher:
Help your dog become a star using Kathryn's Hollywood training secrets- detailed lessons inside! Written by revered Hollywood animal trainer Kathryn Segura, Hollywood Barks is a heartwarming memoir of two decades on the set with famous working dogs and their co-stars. It offers readers a unique perspective on the lives of Hollywood dogs and the celebrities who work with them, and Kathryn generously shares some training tips she used for each dog.
Do you like to teach your dog tricks? Teach your dog to be the life of the party - or of the silver screen! Hollywood Barks features over a dozen comprehensive training tips and tricks, including how-to's for teaching your dog necessary Hollywood behaviors! Kathryn's lessons will guide you to teach your dog to wave at your adoring fans, nudge the person in front of you who isn't moving fast enough, go to a mark (a specific place on the stage), and MORE!

What Others Are Saying:
"In a town like Hollywood, everyone likes a good tale (tail). I've known Kathryn for years and there's no doubt this book will be entertaining - can't wait for my copy!"
                 -Jeanie Buss, Executive VP, Los Angeles Lakers

"Five paws up for Hollywood Barks. Kathryn Segura hits "the mark" on telling the stories of well-known movie dogs and describing how they learn their roles. The training tips from expert trainer Segura can be used with all dogs, whether you want your dog to be a star or a well-mannered pet."
      -Mary R. Burch, PhD, Director, Canine Good Citizen & AKC
                      S.T.A.R. Puppy

"Hollywood Barks is charming, warm, funny, and poignant. The stories flow effortlessly and they are about people we all know. As an actor, reading Hollywood Barks is like reminiscing with an intimate friend while having a cup of hot chocolate. Kathryn Segura is a marvelous story teller and she has made my gift shopping much easier... Thanks Kath!"
                               -Guich Koock, Actor

"I've known Kathryn since childhood and watched happily from the sidelines as her love of animals became a successful, full time career. With Hollywood Barks Kathryn has written her story with the same humorous, loving and passionate touch that she uses with all of her furry friends. I loved this book."   -Richard Holland, Producer and writer

"First off, Hollywood Barks is an easy read, the pictures are great at chronicling the stories, and this is a world we think we know - but really don't. Kathryn is very humble in this book and people do not realize how much work goes into what she does on set. As movie buff and dog owner - this book gives insight into how movies are made, the detail that goes into some of the most famous pet scenes in cinema, and at the same time gives you lessons you can use at home with your own dog."
          -Gregg Champion, President, Champion Media & Entertainment

"One of my favorite people to work with is Olympic diver Greg Louganis. No, I don’t have a hidden talent for diving. Greg’s actually the one with the secret gift – for showing Great Danes and training other dogs for agility! We met on the dog show circuit, where I couldn’t but help notice how well-behaved his dogs were. When I got a call for a commercial that required one very large dog and one very small one, Greg’s dogs were the first ones I thought of. They wanted white dogs, so I showed them a picture of my Papillion, Checkers (red and white) and another of Greg’s Great Dane Brutes (a Harlequin – black and white). The producers loved both dogs and we got the job.

When we arrived on set, everyone wanted to meet Greg, which gave me a chance to check things out. I immediately discovered a BIG problem - the set was pure white, and so were the dogs! When it was time, we put the dogs on a sit-stay, and sure enough, all the director could see when he looked through the camera were some floating eyeballs and a few red and black spots. Surprised, the director asked me what to do, and within an hour, I had his solution.

Times like this are when I thank my lucky stars that I learned Hollywood make-up in my early years. To this day, I still always keep my make-up case with me, because in Hollywood you just never know when it might come in handy. In the space of an hour, Greg and I ran the dogs back out to the van, gave them a complete makeover with black and brown pancake make-up, and had them back on the set. Covering Brutes’ face, chest, and front legs (the parts the camera would see), was an epic task. Checkers had much less surface area, but with longer hair it was still quite the chore.

About the Author, Kathryn Segura:
After a childhood full of dog shows and a stint in the high fashion make-up industry, Kathryn Segura found her niche in Hollywood as a studio wrangler/animal trainer. Through her company PHD Animals, she has helped cast and train every creature imaginable: from cats to dogs, horses to zebras, and even “lions, tigers, and bears” (Oh, my!). With a resume chock full of experience in print work, TV shows and series, commercials, and major motion pictures (such as the blockbuster hits discussed in this book, Tin Cup, and The Addams Family), Kathryn continues to be called upon to bring life and depth to “anything Hollywood.” Recently, Kathryn has melded her passion for animals with her experience in fashion and make-up to create Take 1 Products,which makes specialized animal skin and fur care products.

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