BKET Peter Sherayko: The Fringe of Hollywood The Art Of Making A Western, Radio Guest, Special Order

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BKET Peter Sherayko: The Fringe of Hollywood The Art Of Making A Western, Radio Guest, Special Order

The Fringe of Hollywood
The Art Of Making A Western
Peter Sherayko
CreateSpace 2011

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Meet Peter Sherayko
Meet Author, Actor, and Filmmaker Peter Sherayko
Rendezvous With A Writer
The Writer's Block Radio Show
Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015
Podcast on LA Talk Radio

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From the Publisher
The Fringe of Hollywood is a guide book that reveals how Westerns can be made historically correct, on time and under budget, while exposing common mistakes. This is a companion piece to Peter’s first book, Tombstone: The Guns and Gear. Fringe takes you on a developmental journey through the changes made over time to weapons, gun belts, saddles, costumes and much more.

This book is a trail blazer to producers, writers, actors, costumers, designers, and wranglers, as well as film industry suppliers, the re-enactment communities, Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) and all those interested in the American Frontier West.

Author Peter Sherayko has a passion for the West and Westerns that is clearly reflected in his work as performer, author, historical consultant and entrepreneur. Peter doesn’t just work on Western films, he lives the West. And in a time when people believe there aren’t very many Westerns, Peter has a full plate of projects in a variety of media – some large, some small, some of his own.

Combining his acting with his passion for the Old West, Peter was prompted to create Caravan West Productions, a company designed to bring quality to the Hollywood Western and provide today’s sophisticated and demanding film audience with the most authentic product possible. In the process, Sherayko has become recognized as historian and author, appearing in numerous Wild West Tech episodes for the History Channel and serving as technical consultant and supplier to both the History and Discovery Channels. Such a body of Western related programming draws upon Peter’s knowledge of the period between pre-1800 and the 1920s to supply the weapons and props needed by numerous documentary film makers for their historical re-creations.

A collector of genuine Western gear found throughout the country over 35 years, he also has a personal reference library of more than 5,000 books on the period and culture of the West. His film, television and stage career has spanned over four decades. For the past 20 years he has devoted his life’s work to creating quality Westerns. Peter is a U.S. Air Force Vietnam Vet, has more degrees than a thermometer and enjoys sharing his knowledge of filmmaking to colleges and universities.

Softcover. 224 pp. Approx. weight 2 lbs. Ships USPS Priority Mail. International shipping available.

Author Peter Sherayko Was Our Guest at the Buckaroo Book Shop
2013 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival
Click inset photos to enlarge
#1 with Bobbi Jean Bell, Sunday 4/21/2013

#2 with Bobbi Jean Bell, Saturday 4/20/2013, Rendezvous With A Writer
Photo courtesy of Cindy Stout Quiqley

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