BKFCT D.B. Jackson: ReadWest: Stories of the American West, Radio Guest, Special Order

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BKFCT D.B. Jackson: ReadWest: Stories of the American West, Radio Guest, Special Order

  Meet Author D. B. Jackson
  Buckaroo Book Shop
  Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival 
  April 13 Saturday 10AM-6PM
  April 14 Sunday 10AM-5PM

 ReadWest: Stories of the American West
 by Elmer Kelton, John D. Nesbitt, Don Bendell, Mike   Kearby, D. B. Jackson, Steven Law, & L. D. Clark
 D. B. Jackson, Contributor of the short story "Last of   the Cowboys"
 Goldminds Publishing, August 2012

Author Dale Jackson at the Buckaroo Book Shop
Rendezvous With A Writer OutWest
2016 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival
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Meet Author Dale B. Jackson
June 25, 2015, LA Talk Radio
The Writer's Block Radio Show
Hosts Jim Christina and Bobbi Jean Bell (photo)

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From the Author:
The short story "Last of the Cowboys "
Eighty-one year old Clayton Todd plans to ride out to the barren West Texas desert. He does not plan to return. When fifteen-year old Bobby Earl Lee invites himself along for the ride, the two horseman saddle up and leave before dawn on a jouney filled with memories of the old man's past and the poignantly simple dreams of the young boy's future. Clayton does not return with Bobby Earl Lee, but the legacy he leaves the boy will be with him forever.

From the Publisher:
Five short stories from some of the most notable names in the Western genre. Also, a bonus from author and literary scholar, L. D. Clark. A portion of the profits from the sale of this book go to support the ReadWest Foundation, Inc.

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Meet author Dale B. Jackson

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