BKFCT D.B. Jackson: Small Moving Parts Special Order

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BKFCT D.B. Jackson: Small Moving Parts Special Order
BKFCT D.B. Jackson: Small Moving Parts Special Order

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 Small Moving Parts
 D. B. Jackson
 Turner Publising May 15, 2018

A Note From Author D.B. Jackson
It’s not always clear which will come first in writing a novel—the plot or the characters. What is clear is that, of the two, compelling characters are a must.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted Small Moving Parts to deal with the complexities of life as seen through the eyes of two primary characters in a simpler time and place (rural Texas in 1958). Because the story would deal with a number of universal themes, some of which are relative to age, I knew one would be an old man, the other a young boy.

Next came what they refer to in the screenwriting business as the inciting incident. In this case it was an old man and a boy setting out to commit suicide at the same time.

Softcover. 384 pages. Special Order, ships week of April 21, 2019. Meet author Dale B. Jackson

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