'Pards and Friends:

{>} 3 Trails West
{>} Action Company
{>} Al Doc Mehl
{>} Al P. Bringas
{>} Alchemy 1977
{>} Almeda Bradshaw
{>} American Dakota Textiles
{>} American West
{>} Andria Kidd
{>} Antoinette Girgenti Lane
{>} Artistry of Poland
{>} Barry Ward
{>} Belinda Gail
{>} Bill Wilbur
{>} Black Irish Band
{>} Bob Boze Bell
{>} Bob Brill
{>} Brenn Hill
{>} Buffalo Bill Boycott
{>} Bullhide Hats
{>} C Courtney Joyner
{>} Carolyn Martin
{>} Clint Bradley
{>} CMQ Photography - Cindy Quigley
{>} CONNER Handmade Hats
{>} Corinne Joy Brown
{>} Cowboy Brand Furniture
{>} Cowboy Images Wild Rags
{>} Curly Musgrave
{>} D.A. Crossley, Jr.
{>} Dale B. Jackson
{>} Dan Post Boot Company
{>} Dave Stamey
{>} Denali® Home Collection
{>} Devon Dawson
{>} Don Edwards
{>} Doris Daley
{>} Doug Figgs
{>} Douglas B. Green
{>} Edith Herbert John
{>} Edward M. Erdelac
{>} Eli Barsi
{>} Eric Heisner
{>} Evie Cook
{>} Fantazia Apparel
{>} G.T. Hurley
{>} Gary Allegretto
{>} Gene Autry
{>} Grand River Clothing Co.
{>} Heidi M. Thomas
{>} In The Lens - Fine Art Photography of Bill Birkemeier
{>} Ira Hoss for Volcano
{>} J.R. Sanders
{>} Janet Squires
{>} Jason Buck Corbett
{>} Jennifer Lind
{>} Jim Christina
{>} Jim Jones
{>} Joan Enguita Willingham
{>} Joe Green
{>} Joe Herrington
{>} John Bergstrom
{>} John R. Craighead Co., Inc.
{>} Joni Harms
{>} Joyce Woodson
{>} Judy Coder
{>} Juni Fisher
{>} K.C. Peck
{>} Katie Ryan
{>} Katy Moffatt
{>} Ken Overcast
{>} Kerry Grombacher
{>} Kippy's
{>} Kristyn Harris
{>} Larry Kenneth Potts
{>} Laura Ingalls Designs
{>} Liberty Wear
{>} Linda Geleris
{>} Lorin Sorensen
{>} M&P Speed Shop
{>} Margaret Brownley
{>} Marvin O'Dell
{>} Mary Kaye
{>} Matt Robertson
{>} Michelle Sathe
{>} Miles Hood Swarthout
{>} Mountain Saddle Band
{>} Nadiya Littlewarrior
{>} Native American Art and Craft
{>} Original Cowgirl Clothing
{>} P.W. Conway
{>} Pat Dahnke
{>} Patricia Wolf
{>} Peggy Sundberg
{>} Peter Sherayko
{>} Praying Cowboy Collection
{>} R.W. Hampton
{>} Randall Reese
{>} Ray Doyle
{>} Recording Artists Cisco Trio
{>} Red and White Kitchen
{>} Renegade Spirit
{>} Rich-Heape Films
{>} Riders In The Sky
{>} Rockmount Ranch Wear
{>} Rocky Brands Boots
{>} Rodger Maxwell
{>} Ruben Romero
{>} Sandra K. Sagala
{>} Scully Leather Co.
{>} Shane Bitterling
{>} Side Saddle
{>} Silver Sun
{>} Skeleton Creek Productions
{>} Skyhorse Publishing
{>} SOLD
{>} Sons of the San Joaquin
{>} Sourdough Slim
{>} Stephen Lodge
{>} Steve Porter
{>} Stuart Hamblen
{>} Sudbury & Ramos
{>} Susie Knight
{>} Syd Masters
{>} Tanya Hanson
{>} Terri Taylor Stampede!
{>} Terry Brown
{>} Terry Stack Interchangeable Belts & Buckles
{>} The Lucky Stars
{>} The Stardust Cowboys
{>} The Tumbling Tumbleweeds
{>} TheBookMarkCard
{>} Tom Hiatt
{>} Toni P. Haigh
{>} Trails & Rails
{>} Tricia Spencer
{>} Trish Lester
{>} Troy Andrew Smith
{>} Tumbleweed Rob Wolfskill
{>} TXLC Custom Tile Murals, LLC
{>} Uncle Rock
{>} Venario Inc.
{>} Walt La Rue
{>} Western Music Association
{>} White Horse Apparel

Pards & Friends

Come meet the folks who are behind all of our selections. Choose any of the names from this left hand list, click, and meet! (You'll notice they are in alphabetical order by first name.) We've asked our artisans, musicians, craftsmen, jewelers, authors, designers, and manufacturers to share a little bit about themselves. When you are investing any sum of money it's important to know what you're buying and its creative source. We've built links between their biographies and their products, however, simply scroll to the bottom of their page and all their items are right there. Easy and convenient!

Our Purveyors are always looking for new suppliers offering quality and originality. We travel and attend major tradeshows, but we find the most amazing opportunities come our way through simple word-of-mouth. We appreciate hearing from anyone who has been impressed with an artist, craftsman, musician, designer, or manufacturer from their local neck-of-the-woods. Pass their contact info our way or send them to this website.

It is our desire to feature American made products, but we realize that fine workmanship and value are not limited by geographical boundaries. We look to artisans near and far who share our enthusiasm for superb craftsmanship and our passion for story The West - past and present, myth and truth, reel and real.

If you are starting out, we can give your product line exposure. If you are well established, your lines can help us grow. To learn more about OutWest's history, click Our Story. Don't hesitate to call or text us 1.818.384.4315 or by email at outwest@outwestmktg.com

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