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Here you can rediscover many of the astonishing, lost inventions and scientific discoveries of a heroic and insatiably adventurous bygone age, where gentlemen were recklessly courageous, and scientist-engineers were truly mad!

View the growing collection of Alchemy Gothic's facsimiles of amazing and fantastical retro-hi-technology artifacts, created from surviving fragments and archived linen blueprints of the world famous 'Rosensteins' and their contemporary collaborators. Browse through our selections of Alchemy Gothic's most recent additions to the Alchemy Empire Collection, and learn of its history and most famous characters. 

Alchemy 'Steampunk' designs revolve around Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein's, (or 'EER', Victorian 'descendant' to the original, 18th century Dr. von Rosenstein), incredible Galvanic Matter Transposition System for 'pronto mass remotion'- the earliest known 'teleporter', or 'three-dimensional fax machine'! Known as the 'GMT', this sensational invention was sadly, completely lost to science. However, from a combination of surviving fragments, anecdotal evidence and recently-found early drawings, Alchemy Gothic have reconstructed several of the Rosenstein GMT's principle elements.

About The Parent Company - "Alchemy Carta 1977: The Alternative Lifestyle"

The Alchemy Carta was started in Leicester, England in 1977 by two self-taught artist/model maker/designers from Manchester: Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson.

Their imaginative, high quality work and products soon earned them the attention of some influential and high profile clients. This established them in the, 'promotional products' business, designing and producing items as diverse as bronze statues, album covers, collectable giftware and Rock 'n' Roll merchandise.

Together with their own unique range of extraordinary niche products, their reputation quickly spread and the business was established.The business steadily grew to include its own fully equipped research and development and extensive production departments, with a young dedicated staff, many of whom are the backbone of the company today.

"Alchemy 1977’s" (formerly Alchemy Gothic) esoteric and contemporary jewellery is world-renowned and is the undisputed leader in Gothic lifestyle accessories. Their gothic and alternative giftware ranges from stylish Absinthe Shot glasses to sinister Alchemist skull boxes. Alchemy has been manufacturing specially designed products for clients large and small, around the world, for nearly thirty years. Their Promotional Products Division create many original pieces for the music, film and entertainment industries as well as merchandise, corporate gifts and awards for a wide range of businesses.

Watch Setting Guide

Below, are some simple pictures to assit you with setting the time, or changing the battery on your Alchemy watch. 

Step 1. 

Remove the watch face, by gentle and carefully prying it from the pewter fitting.


Step 2.

At this step you can either set the time on your watch face using the below instructions, or move to Step 3 to replace your battary.

Setting the Time: Gently pull the small, round dial out from the side of the watch face.  Gently twist the dial to set the time and push back into place.

Changing the Battery: We strongly suggest that you take your watch to a qualified jewelers to change your battery.  If you wish to do this yourself, please follow Steps 2,3 & 4.  You will need to use a watch fitting tool to remove the back of the case from your watch, as show below.


Step 3.

Once you gently pry open the back of the watch fitting, you can remove the back panel completly.  Please note, there is a small cut out, for the time setting dial, on the side of this back panel.  When you are ready to replace and close this back panel, you will need to match this cut out up with the dial.


Step 4.

To replace the battery, remove from the back of the fitting and replace new battery.  Then gently push the back panel back on (remembering to line up the dial cut out).


Ring Sizing Guide


 How To Measure Your Ring Size

1. Cut a strip of paper no wider than 6mm.

2. Wrap the paper around your finger, and mark the paper where it meets.

3.Check that it slips over the joints of the finger without difficulty.

4. Measure the marked length of paper and compare it to the metric row in size chart.

This should give you a good idea of your ring size.

If your ring falls between sizes, order the next larger ring size.

All rings are handmade and there may be a slight variation with each.

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