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Borrowing on the experience acquired from their father "George" Cury, a master hatter and artisan, his sons Samir and Jorge carry on the fine tradition of quality hat making. Today they incorporate all the fine techniques that the founder started back in 1949. Not a single step or process is skipped in bringing to the world a premium hat with old western charm.

Today Bullhide, Run a Muck, and Mountland labels, Bullhide's premium brands, incorporate all the western flavor and flair of the old west.

Bullhide has been recognized as a leader in the western fashion industry, because of their innovative and stylish designs. If it is backed by the Bullhide label you know that you are getting a fine piece of Americana.

Quality, excellence and service are the backbone of Bullhide and Montecarlo Hat Co. This message has never been lost throughout the years. It is one that lingers and remains today along with offering products with distinctive design, fit, finish and value.

All of the staff at Bullhide and Montecarlo Hat Company express their gratitude to the many customers, like you, who have made their success possible. 

Truly always a step ahead!

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Bullhide Hats have gained special recognition in the western market because of their superior finish, innovative style and exclusive trimmings. These qualities make Bullhide Hats unique. 

montecarlo hatsChoosing the right Hat body is only the beginning of the laborious process of making a Bullhide Hat. First each hat body is handcrafted by expert artisans using different materials: Fur felt, wool felt, and natural straws.

montecarlo hatsBefore qualifying as a Bullhide Hat, their hats have to pass a careful inspection made by our skilled hatters. Each hat body is hand dipped in a special lacquer, which makes the hats more durable, water-resistant and easy to clean.

montecarlo hatsUnlike some other manufactures that run their hats trough ovens, Bullhide hats are allowed to air-dry. This process takes longer, but it allows the stiffener to cure uniformly and eliminates peeling and cracking. After the completion of the stiffening process, the hats are ready for the blocking process. We use heat, pressure, and extreme care to give the hat its final size and shape.

montecarlo hatsHats are then trimmed to the proper brim width. On all straw and crushable felt hats they sew a special wire to the brim. This brim wire will allow you to customize your hat to your liking. It is what they call a "U-style it" brim.

montecarlo hatsThen sweatbands are individually fitted to each hat. This is necessary because of the different thickness of bodies and other variables. Some other manufacturers cut the sweatband to a particular size and make it fit the hat. Individually fitting each piece of leather to each hat ensures the best fit and quality.

montecarlo hatsThe final steps give the hat its unique touch: Hats are lined in satin, when appropriate.

montecarlo hatsThen they trim and decorate their hats with exclusive leather bands, rhinestones, studs, ribbons and bows, giving each hat the distinctive Bullhide look. Each hat, regardless of price or quality, must pass our rigid quality control inspections.

montecarlo hatsThe resulting process ensures a genuine work of art: a masterpiece, a Bullhide Hat.

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All hats drop ship directly from Bullhide Hats to your home or office.

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