SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening with The Queen of the West and The Sage of the Prairie
Mary Kaye and Joe Herrington

The MAIN (formerly the Repertory East Playhouse)

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August 25, 2016
SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series:
The Storymasters: Juni Fisher & Joe Herrington

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SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series
An Evening of Praise Music
Hosted by Joe Herrington
Performed June 29, 2013

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SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series:
Wild Rose and Prairie Sage: The Music and Wisdom Of The West

Singer/Songwriter Nancy Elliott and Cowboy Poet Joe Herrington

In the Western music community NANCY ELLIOTT is known for her unique style of cowboy music. Audiences are enraptured by an alluring vibrato voice some declare as pure folk, while others deem perfect for gospel, swing or blues.  Her voice tugs at your heart, drawing you in with its sweet Celtic  undertones .  If melody and voice don’t capture your attention, her provoking lyrics will. Songs like “Wild Rose” and the Western Music Association nominated 2011 Song of The Year, “Where The Wind Blows A Different Song,” establish Nancy as a true master of Western music.  This poet, singer, musician and author hits the stage in a big way, bringing her love of land and our Western heritage to every performance. Led by true grit and cowboy know-how this Ohio-born country girl is weaving a legendary trail of music into the tapestry of the West.

Live Radio Interviews with Cowboy Poet and Storyteller Joe Herrington
"The Writer's Block Radio Show"
Thursday December 3, 2015
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"Campfire Cafe" on Equestrian Legacy Radio
Thursday, July 2, 2015
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"Around the Barn" in the studio, June 25, 2011
Live, in-studio interview with John Bergstrom, cowboy poet Joe Herrington, and singer/songwriter Trish Lester. June 25, 2011

JOE HERRINGTON, the “Campfire Storyteller,” is a novelist, cowboy poet and western storyteller. Recognizing his talent, the Western Music Association nominated him for 2013 Male Poet of The Year. Homespun and authentic, Joe’s poems and stories follow the traditions of great storytellers, his characters and stories not only entertain, they prod the soul with a truer understanding of the deep values and solid character of the American Cowboy.

Nominated by the Western Music Association for:
2014 Male Poet of The Year
2010 Poetry/Spoken Word/Storytelling Album: Shalako
2010 Outstanding Performer in Poetry, Storytelling, Spoken Word-Male

Joe Herrington's Biography
I was born a Texan and grew up the way most West Texas boys grew up...with rugged, outdoor adventrue and a passion to be out under that big, West Texas sky.

I grew up at the feet of storytellers in a day before television had assaulted the young imagination. My grandfather and my Uncle Jack both talked in stories and from them I learned to weave tales and appreciate the power of words.

In my own stories I discovered that I could safely go wherever I wanted to go, be whatever I wanted to be, or conquer any evil and always win.

I grew up and served my country in the Army as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Knox, a Mortar Platoon Sgt in Korea and finally a tactical officer for the Army National Guard's officer training school.

While at Fort Knox, I became a Scoutmaster with a hundred red-blooded American boys eager for the same stuff I grew up on. It was an exciting time and I came to love the world of Scouting. I continued for twenty-five years as a Scoutmaster with various troops as I moved around the country.
In my Scouts I made a wonderful discovery. They loved the telling of a story the way I had loved it. They encouraged me and insisted that I always have a story for the end-of-day campfire. For years I told my stories to only them but time proved that others too could be spellbound for a story of goodness and honor and justice.

For the last quarter century I have earned my living as a Media Designer for Walt Disney Imagineering. I live in California where my wife and I raised four children. I serve as an Elder in the church and teach 4th-6th grade Bible school.

I still love the big western sky and the wilderness beneath it. I still love, and have never forgotten, the Western ways and traditions. I write my stories about those times and those amazing people of unblemished character and honor. And when the campfire flickers, I get a stir in my soul. A yearning swells within me to recall the events of the good days past and tell their story.

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