This description of the unique line of Men's Tees and Caps, M&P Speed Shop, was provided by the creators of the line- one of OutWest's many "Pards & Friends."

Authenticity, is what sets M&P Speed Shop apart from the competition. Founded in 2007 by enthusiast Michael Satterfield, the brand strives to tell a story with each garment. Each design is pinned in an over 110 year old barn, that for generations, was used a shop, where old Ford V8s would get tuned up and warmed over. That old barn is in a small town, swallowed up by the big city, where on the weekends everyone would cruise out to the A&W on Holt and test their new speed parts on an old two-lane farm road. The barn stands as a reminder of those days, and that energy is funneled into each and every garment we make.

Each M & P garment is designed and finished in Southern California, providing customers with some of the best quality products on the market. Each design has a story behind it; a real person, place, or event that inspired it. Working with some of the most iconic brands in the automotive world, like Gulf Racing. Dodge and Ram Trucks,  adds depth and history to the entire M&P line. Our family heritage of farming, ranching, riding and rodeo adds to the M&P story.

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